Outcast: Second Contact behind to fall

Outcast: Second Contact

Outcast: Second Contact has been behind from a previously announced Mar recover window to this fall, developer Appeal Studios announced. It will be accessible for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC when it launches.

“With agreement of a publisher Bigben, we have motionless to pull a game’s recover out to this fall,” Appeal Studios owner and Outcast: Second Contact diversion executive Yves Grolet pronounced in a statement. “This additional time will concede us to raise a graphics and gameplay, and to douse players even some-more into Outcast: Second Contact. We are profitable tighten courtesy to a fight complement and AI to move an knowledge estimable of a best movement games.”

Outcast: Second Contact is a reboot of a 1999 journey diversion Outcast, that has won some-more than 100 awards. Here is an overview of a title, around publisher Bigben Interactive:

In a nearby future, group have only detected a together universe of Adelpha. Through a discovery, a US supervision has incidentally combined a space-time exaggeration melancholy to destroy a Earth.

You play as Cutter Slade, a former Special Forces Marine, reserved to chaperon a group of scientists on a goal to try and correct a damage. However, zero goes according to plan, and we are bearing into an journey on an different planet. The destiny of both worlds rests in your hands.

If you’re during a Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from Mar 1 to 3, Outcast: Second Contact will be shown during a event.

View a final chronicle of a game’s pivotal visible during a gallery.

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