Othello for Switch launches Mar 3 in Europe, TBA in a U.S.


Arc System Works will launch Othello for Switch around a Nintendo eShop on Mar 3 in Europe and “TBA” in a U.S., a publisher announced. It will cost $4.99 / €4.99.

Here’s an overview of a game, around a central website:

What is Othello?

Othello is a elementary diversion that all can enjoy. It is easy to learn though tough to master. Even after 40 years given it initial began, Othello continues to withstand a exam of time and to be desired by players of all ages.

Othello’s Rules

In Othello, players take turns to place their disks; Black represents a initial actor while white represents a second. Place any hoop by sandwiching it with a opponent’s so converting them to your own. The actor with a many series of disks in a finish of a diversion wins.

A Game for All

Othello for a Nintendo Switch is designed for adult to 2 players, from beginners to all-time players.

For singular actor mode, a diversion provides a spectrum of problem turn from 1 to 16 for players to select from.
The diversion provides a spirit feature, whereby players could arrangement a subsequent probable moves. In addition, do-over underline allows players to retrace their final move. New comers could collect adult a diversion with ease!

Othello supports multiplayer too! Detach a Joy-con and share it with your friends or family. Have fun in a 2 actor mode!

Watch a trailer below.

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