Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy launches May 16 in North America, May 19 in Europe

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy will launch for PS Vita and PC around Steam on May 16 in North America and May 19 in Europe, NIS America announced during a 2017 press event. It will underline Japanese audio and English text.

A PS Vita singular book is accessible for pre-order around a NIS America Store for $59.99, and includes a duplicate of a game, collector’s box, fine softcover art book, transparent record folder, 16-track strange soundtrack with valuables case, and tear-resistant poster.

Here’s an overview of a game, around NIS America:


Continue a story of Operation Abyss and urge near-future Tokyo from a new hazard in this cave crawling RPG. When a puzzling intent – dubbed ‘the Embryo’ – appears in a sky, a CPA and a Xth Squad are mobilized to face a new threat. Venture into severe new labyrinths and emanate a ideal group to plea any threat. Featuring a puzzling new story, rare impression customization by a new ‘Sub-Blood’ system, and item-based impression ability modifications, Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy will give we a universe to remove yourself in.

Key Features

  • Extensive Character Customization – Expanding on Operation Abyss’ Blood Code system, you’ll now be means to allot characters supplemental Blood Codes to emanate hybrid pursuit classes.
  • Item-Attached Skills and Spells – Add new skills and spells to ideal your patrol by equipping equipment that move with them new abilities.
  • Balanced Challenge and Reward – With a lapse of a Rise Drop complement you’ll be means to redeem increasingly absolute drops – if you’re peaceful to risk increasingly absolute enemies.
  • A New Operation to Complete – After a brief duration of assent in near-future Tokyo, dive into a terrain once again and continue a story of a Xth Squad in a new puzzling adventure

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy initial launched for PS Vita in Japan on Apr 30, 2015.

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