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Omega Quintet for PC trailer

Omega Quintet

Ghostlight Games has expelled a trailer for a PC chronicle of Compile Heart’s Omega Quintet, that will launch around Steam in December.

Here’s an overview of a game, around a Steam page:


Humanity is in peril! A lethal materialisation famous as Blare threatens to devour all life on earth and is eating divided during a minds of humans worldwide. No required army can stop a Blare and it has fast widespread worldwide. But in one city, a tiny race binds out opposite this lethal threat…

Enter a Verse Maidens: 5 well-developed girls with absolute low-pitched abilities are a usually ones who offer any hope. These inspiring, darling idols contingency use their powers of strain and dance to clean out a Blare forever. Now a Verse Maidens’ strength and bravery are all that’s left to strengthen a people, their hopes and their dreams…

Omega Quintet is a hybrid JRPG and Idol Simulation. Use your 5 super-cute idols’ sound weapons opposite a Blare’s immorality forces. Build an arsenal of lethal attacks and skills and hype adult your fans to clear absolute combo attacks.

Key Features

  • Every conflict is a stage, so play to a crowd! In Concert Mode benefit a boost from your music, fill your Voltage Gauge faster and clear your many absolute special skills.
  • Extensively customize your idols’ looks. Change outfits, accessories, hair and mics. Be clever enemies don’t strike we with an outfit-busting “Costume Break”, withdrawal we exposed to conflict and red-faced in front of your fans!
  • Sing your foes into unconcern regulating a “Harmonics” system: wobble opposite idols’ skills into impossibly lethal sequence combos. Add any ability in a scold sequence to greaten a pain!
  • Use a absolute PVS complement to choreograph and furnish singular song videos of your idols biggest hits. Use your rodent to chuck in additional effects during a concert.

Watch a trailer below.

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