Nioh ‘Last Chance’ demo launches Jan 21 in a west


The “Last Chance Trial” for Nioh, announced for Japan progressing this morning as a final demo, will run from Jan 21 to 22 in North America and Europe, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment announced.

The demo will be accessible for download on a PlayStation Store after today, though won’t be playable until Jan 21.

Those who transparent a demo can acquire a series of rewards. You will get a “Ogress Headgear” for clearing a Main Mission, since completing a Twilight Mission will give we one some-more possibility to secure a “Mark of a Conqueror” and “Mark of a Strong” from final year’s Alpha and Beta demos.

You will need to keep your save information from a Last Chance Trial in sequence to entrance a Ogress Headgear in a final game. As for “Mark of a Conqueror” and “Mark of a Strong,” we will be stirred to download calm that we will also need to keep on your PlayStation 4 until launch. Visit a “Boons” during a in-game shrines to explain your rewards.

Nioh is due out for PlayStation 4 on Feb 7 in North America, Feb 8 in Europe, and Feb 9 in Japan.

Watch a trailer for a demo below.

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