Nioh final demo launches Jan 21 in Japan


Koei Tecmo will recover a final demo for Nioh in Japan on a PlayStation Store on Jan 21 during midnight JST., a association announced. It will usually be playable for 48 hours, until Jan 22 during 23:59 JST.

The demo will embody a following content:

  • Tutorial Missions: “Basic Action Controls” and “Action Practical Use Controls”
  • Futamata Stage: “Thoughts on a Week of a Equinox”
  • Futamata Stage Twilight Mission: “Blood-Soaked Hell Flowers”
  • Muneshige Tachibana One-VS-One Mission: “Peerless of a West Invitation”
  • Online Multiplayer: “Visitors Summon” and “Yokai Realm with a Companion”

Users who transparent a final demo will accept a following bonuses:

  • “Ogress Mask”
  • “Ogress Mask Recipe”
  • “Onryoma Helmet” (the Alpha demo and Beta demo transparent bonus)
  • “Hinoenma Helmet” (the Beta demo transparent bonus)

If you’ve already acquired a latter dual bonuses, we won’t be means to acquire them again. To acquire these bonuses in a final game, you’ll need to keep a save information from a demo. You’re giveaway to undo a tangible demo focus though.

Nioh is due out for PlayStation 4 on Feb 7 in North America, Feb 8 in Europe, and Feb 9 in Japan.

View images of a reward equipment during a gallery.


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