Nintendo Switch Does Not Support Bluetooth Headsets

One of a cold facilities of a Nintendo Switch is that it will come with wireless controllers by default. It is 2017 and no one likes cables that they can get tangled adult in and outing on. That is given gamers adore wireless peripherals like controllers, keyboards, mice, and even headphones.

Sadly it seems that a usually thing wireless about a arriving Nintendo Switch is a controllers.

That is given there will not be support for Bluetooth headsets. Several days ago French website Melty reported this and it is formed on an talk with Nintendo exec Yoshiaki Koizumi. No support for Bluetooth headsets.

It should be remarkable that Melty has given published a follow-up news where Nintendo France has reached out to them to explain a details. According to a new details, Bluetooth headsets for a Switch will not be supported. The initial mixup was substantially due to a miscommunication in a translation.

So this means that if we wanted to play regulating headphones, you’ll have to get a connected kind. This is a bit of unhappy news. We don’t know given Nintendo isn’t ancillary a feature, though this is something to consider about if you’re going to emporium for new accessories for your new Switch.

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