NieR: Automata sum ‘Android System’ online element, DLC confirmed

NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata will have an online component called a “Android System,” Square Enix announced during a Dengeki live tide today.

Here are all a sum from a live stream:

Android System

When a actor dies, an Android will be left behind during a place they die. Various information stays in a android (plug-in chips, etc.), and by “recovering” a android, we can take that information back. If we die again though recuperating your android, you’ll remove a prior android. Also, in cases where we play for a prolonged time though recuperating your android, it will disappear.

In cases where we “repair,” not redeem your android, that android can quarrel alongside we for a bound duration of time. Additionally, if you’re connected online, we can learn other players’ androids, and by repair them, we can quarrel alongside other players’ androids for a bound period. Whether or not you’ll get a other players’ plug-in chips if we confirm to redeem them is a secret.

Downloadable Content

Under a ask of 9S voice actor Natsuki Hanae, Square Enix has motionless to rise downloadable content. Hanae says he hopes for a dress of Caim from Drakengard for 2B, though either or not that is partial of a downloadable calm is unknown.

Free PlayStation 4 Theme

Starting Feb 22, a following PlayStation 4 themes will be accessible for giveaway around a PlayStation Store in Japan.

NieR: Automata will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on Feb 23, in North America on Mar 7, and in Europe on Mar 10. A PC recover is due out in 2017. A PlayStation 4 demo is accessible now worldwide.

Watch a live stream, as good as a new “No Restrictions Version” TV mark below.

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