New Futuristic Racing Game, Racer Lightfield Launching On PS4 And Xbox One(video)

Racer Lightfield

Gamers that suffer a small racing movement competence be gratified to know that a new unconventional racing diversion that will be  launching during a Spring months of 2017, on a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a form of a new Racer Lightfield game.

Co-founder of a growth group Simon Wallner has taken to a central PlayStation blog to tell an proclamation trailer together with some-more sum about what we can pattern for a artistic and dev group during Lost in a Garden.

Features of Racer Lightfield embody :

▪ Crossover between exemplary arcade racing and flying.
▪ Complete leisure of suit nonetheless simply controllable, Fly around openly though snap to any aspect for some-more control and speed
▪ 7 opposite marks in 3 environments (+ retreat tracks)
▪ 3 diversion modes (Race, Time Trial, Exploration Mode)
▪ Up to 4 actor internal splitscreen multiplayer
▪ Online multiplayer races and leaderboards
▪ Perform tricks by flapping and jumping
▪ Driving electronic IDM song and sound pattern by Viennese musician Zanshin

We are a group of 4 (Julia, Raimund, Matthias, and me) from Vienna, Austria with a credentials in both art and tech, as good as interactive media and games. It all started 3 or 4 years ago when we initial got together over a weekend to try out something new. Matthias’ initial impulse was Slipstream 5000, a classical from 1995, and we wanted to try a new brew of racing and flapping with a lurch of futurism.

The initial formula were really distant from how Lightfield looks and plays now, though we felt that there was already something value pursuing, or during slightest adequate for us to spend some some-more weekends on it.

The diversion judgment gradually evolved, and during some indicate early on we introduced a categorical judgment of spinning a boat around and aligning it with a lane geometry. The controls were still a bit unwieldy — some-more flapping than racing — though it already was a lot of fun and non-stop adult new and engaging possibilities for us. The judgment of a racing diversion with no predefined roads, no invisible walls or beam rails, was born.

For some-more information on a new Racer Lightfield burst over to a central PlayStation website for sum by following a couple below.

Source: PS Blog

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