New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers launches Mar 3

New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers

New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers, a followup to a 2016-launched 3DS city building make-believe diversion Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers, will launch for Switch around a Nintendo eShop in North America and Europe on Mar 3 for $9.99 / €9.99, Arc System Works announced.

Here’s an overview of a game, around a central website:

What is Frontier Days?

New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers is a town-building make-believe game, where we authority your pioneers to inhabit a new land.

The pioneers are able of “Logging”, “Mining”, “Hunting”, “Fishing” and many others. Command them accordingly, and build your possess city efficiently!

From a materials collected around a actions of your pioneers, we can afterwards use them to “Build”! With a buildings, we can afterwards routine logs into lumber, wobble nap into textiles, grow plants with a Field and many more! Make your city flower with all these useful buildings!

You can also keep furious animals as pets too! Pets can go out with a pioneers to accumulate materials, or they can assistance in hunting, and even concede pioneers to float on their backs!

As we swell in colonizing a land, we might obtain “Invention Cards” along a way. These cards yield several effects, such as cutting your plantation harvesting time cycle, and augmenting a fishing time and etc. There are over 290 cards in a game! Use them wisely!

Total of 80 achievements! Clearing a achievements will concede we to transparent really special artworks in a game! A sum of 4 special artworks are available. Try and transparent them all!

Game Flow

  1. Command a Pioneers and approach them accordingly in this far-reaching open land!
  2. The pioneers can accumulate materials such as “logs”, “raw stones”, “fish” and “raw meat” around several actions such as excavation, lumbering, fishing and hunting.
  3. You can use a “logs” and “raw stones” to build a “Sawmill”!
  4. The Sawmill is where we can routine “Logs” into “Lumber”.
  5. Next, we can afterwards use a “Lumber” to build a Kitchen! The Kitchen is where we can routine Raw Meat and Fish into Cook Food.
  6. Gather materials, build some-more buildings, and enhance your town!
  7. The Festival is hold annually, and we will need Food for your pioneers, and Money for your buildings! Balance out your resources carefully!

Town Building

  • Your Humble Pioneers – Give your Pioneers commands and let them build your town!
  • Building Types – Different buildings lift opposite purposes. Use them effectively!
  • Invention Cards to Aid Your Townbuilding – As we swell with building a town, we might obtain Invention Cards with several effects. 290 and some-more cards are available. Use them wisely!

Game Modes

  • Story Mode – With a assistance of your poetic assistant, Jessica, set out to build your dream city from scratch, overcome all sorts of obstacles, and aim to rise into a city. Life is tough in a Frontiers; Wild animals might attack, healthy disasters might strike. Work together with a pioneers and solve a problems one by one.
  • Survival Mode – Choose from 5 problem levels and play true out. You can select a easy life by going “Easy” or “Normal”, or for a bit of plea there’s a “Hard” difficulty. If we are feeling adventurous, we can try “Super Hard” or even “Insane” difficulty…
  • Free Mode – A mode with no Game Overs, and we can use a Invention Cards as many times as we wish after receiving them in this mode. A good approach to exam a effects of a Invention Cards, and also presumably as a breather from a oppressive limit activities in Survival Mode!

Watch a entrance trailer below.

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