Neo Atlas 1469 entrance west for PC around Steam on Feb 14

Neo Atlas 1469

Neo Atlas 1469 is entrance to North America and Europe for PC around Steam on Feb 14, localization publisher Arc System Works announced. The diversion creatively launched for PS Vita in Japan on Oct 27, 2016, though a PS Vita chronicle does not seem to be removing a western release.

Here’s an overview of a game, around a Steam page:


15th Century, Europe. In a time where people hold many views on how a universe looked like, though no one to confirm. You play a purpose as a Master of a Trading Company, and your aim is to finish a World Map and tell a universe what a “world” unequivocally is, around a assistance of a admirals we hire.
As a Trader, we listen to your admirals’ reports, and pull your really possess World Map from there.
Some reports might be paltry though valid, while some might sound like they’ve fought fabulous creatures like krakens or whatnots. Depending on what we trust and approve, your World Map takes shape.

And depending on how we select your approvals, your World might finish adult really differently.

Establishing Trade Routes

You need to compensate your admirals wages, and gripping a functioning swift does not come cheap.As we swell in a game, we will learn some-more outlandish produces from newly unclosed lands. Set adult new trade routes and make a good distinction out of them!
Also, by substantiating trade routes that concede specific combinations of produces to interact, it might outcome in a presentation of a new product, that we can afterwards trade it for even bigger profits!

Explore and Uncover a World

The core design of a diversion is to draft out a World Map. Command your admirals to try a unfamiliar seas, and they will move behind reports of their commentary during a finish of their voyage. Your solitary preference to “Approve” or “Disapprove” their reports is a pivotal to figure a world.

Dowse for Hidden Treasures

Many treasures are dark all over a world, watchful for we to puncture them up. However, it can be utterly a duty to be scouring a whole map, so here is a accessible apparatus for we to detect treasures for some-more fit value hunting!

Watch a initial English trailer below. Visit a central English website here.

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