Nearly One Million PlayStation VR Units Sold Since Launch

According to a new report, when Sony launched a PlayStation VR, it set an inner idea to sell one million units of a vr headset within 6 months of launch.

And now it appears that a association has come really tighten to achieving that idea with some time to spare. we theory it was a intelligent goal.

The news says that Sony has sole 915,000 PlayStation VR units to consumers given it was expelled in Oct of final year. This figure was suggested to The New York Times by a arch executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House, who also pronounced that he would be “very happy” if some-more than 10 percent of a whole PlayStation 4 user bottom bought a PlayStation VR headset.

Interestingly, a PlayStation VR is distinct other headsets given it requires a PlayStation 4 to function. It’s also a bit some-more costly compared to mobile VR headsets though it is also some-more absolute as well. Sony has been operative tough to move some-more titles with PSVR support to a PlayStation 4 too, to make it inestimable to squeeze a PSVR. Meanwhile Oculus and HTC who make competing practical existence headsets have nonetheless to exhibit central sales total of a Rift and Vive.

Source Ubergizmo

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