Musou Stars second trailer; Lu Bu, Ii Naotora, Oda Nobunyaga, and Laegrinna details

Koei Tecmo has expelled a second central trailer for Musou Stars.

Additionally, a Japanese central website for Musou Stars was updated with impression pages and screenshots for newly reliable characters Lu Bu, Ii Naotora, Oda Nobunyaga, and Laegrinna.

Here are descriptions of any new character:

Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors (voiced by Tetsu Inada)

Musou Stars

A master of a troops humanities and quite learned in mounted archery. His well-developed ability earns him regard as a infantryman among warriors, only as Red Hare is praised as a equine among horses. Lu Bu is a organisation follower in a right of competence and tends to omit amicable niceties.

Ii Naotora from Samurai Warriors (voiced by Yuka Saito)

Musou Stars

The ruler of a Ii house from Enshū that serves a Imagawa clan. With no masculine heirs to attain a Ii clan, she takes on a masculine name and assumes care of a clan. Despite her concerns that she is not fit to rule, her care causes her to quarrel to broach assent to Enshū.

Oda Nobunyaga from Samurai Cats (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi)

Musou Stars

A Sengoku infantryman of fortune, unnecessary to say. A Japanese-style cat. He was innate as a son of Oda Nobumiide, duke of Furuwatari Castle in Owari Province. He is severe during initial glance, though is indeed merciful and has a comfortable heart. He fights any day to settle troops sequence in a unfinished Japan.

Laegrinna from Deception (voiced by Yuka Saito)

Musou Stars

Known as a Devil’s daughter, she is pronounced to have been birthed from a splintered-off bit of his really soul, nonetheless a law of this is hidden in mystery. She has stepped out unto a mortal area accompanied by her 3 Daemons in sequence to collect a Holy Verses indispensable to mangle a sign that imprisons her father. Without a snippet of empathize or tension tricked by her low gaze, she summons and sets traps to dispose of humans who get in her way.

Watch a trailer below. View a screenshots during a gallery.

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