Musou Stars sum Tokitsugu, Ayane, Arnice, and Christophorus [Update]

Hero Cards

“Hero Cards” are fragments of cards used when heroes are summoned. Each favourite can be versed with one label during a time. If equipped, a hero’s ability will increase. Also, by synthesizing Hero Cards with specific materials, several effects can be postulated to a card.

The Bar

The bar is a trickery where a heroes accumulate and speak among any other. The heroes things their faces with food, play label games, and mount around chatting. By articulate to them, we can get a glance of what a heroes have in common and their opposite ways of thinking.

The Lodge

The board is a trickery where a heroes go to relax. When we enter, there will be an diversion cabinet, massage chairs, space for chatting, and a atmosphere of a Japanese hotel lobby. It is here we can see a heroes suffer themselves in between battles. The board is also your entrance to a bath.

The Bath

The bath, that is connected to a lodge, is a trickery where a heroes go to bathe. Just like a “Pool of Purity” from a Toukiden series, it is a place where characters go to reanimate their fatigue, and we can also suffer situations where a actor impression incidentally enters. You can suffer conversations between characters with several patterns of discourse formed on their loyalty level. You can of march suffer a conversations that come out of combinations of characters, as good as their remarks that change as their loyalty turn increases.


At a headquarters, we can hear explanations about a other universe in that a diversion is set from a royalty—original characters Tamaki, Setsuna, and Shiki—as good as listen to discussions that addition a story.

Friendship Level

Every favourite has a loyalty level. Friendship turn can be augmenting both inside and outward of battle, and offers several changes and advantages during certain stages. Friendship turn can also be augmenting in a sanctuary, as good as change formed on your discourse choices.

There are 5 stages of friendship: acquainted, associated, friendly, trustworthy, and beloved. All impression loyalty levels start from 0 during a commencement of a game. Even if characters were already proficient in their strange games, they’ll build a new loyalty in a new universe of Musou Stars.

Friendship ability is an ability unbarred by augmenting loyalty turn between heroes. The loyalty turn with a heroes you’ve befriended determines a form and turn of a abilities you’ve unlocked. Friendship abilities automatically take outcome during battle.

Training Grounds

The training drift is a trickery where we can sight a heroes. Using a income you’ve acquired, we can level-up your characters, though a turn can’t be lifted aloft than that of a favourite with a top turn among a group.

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