Monster Monpiece for PC launches Mar 14

Monster Monpiece

Monster Monpiece will launch for PC around Steam on Mar 14 for $19.99 with a 25 percent off weeklong discount, Idea Factory International announced.

Idea Factory International will also sell a Deluxe Pack for $9.99, that is accessible to squeeze after purchasing a standalone game, that includes a following:

  • Original soundtrack
  • Digital label gallery with over 100 pages featuring all a label forms from a game
  • Rough sketches art book
  • Six PC wallpapers

A Deluxe Bundle, including both a diversion and a Deluxe Pack, will offer an additional 10 percent off of a initial 25 percent launch discount.

Here’s an overview of a game, around Idea Factory:


God’s produce struck twice, punishing a universe of Yafaniel below…

In this universe humans and “monster girls” live an nervous coexistence. May Esperio trains to turn a master of a beast girls alongside her dual friends, Elza and Karen, though her universe is jarred after an confront with a foreigner leaves Elza “Lost” – a dim distress that plagues humans and beast girls alike.

Now May contingency transport a universe to get to a bottom of this puzzling illness and save Elza before it’s too late for her – and a world!

Key Features

  • Moe and Monsters in 1080p – Experience a universe of Yafaniel like never before seen in upscaled 1080p graphics!
  • More Moe More Battles – Play fast-paced label battles where some-more than 100 beast lady cards can be summoned, any category entrance to life as a 3D chibi indication on a conflict grid!
  • Master a Moe – Each label we play can meant feat or better – with Skills, Potentials, Fusions, and Aura Bonuses, we have layers of plan to use in any battle.
  • Gotta Rub ‘Em All – Level adult your cards with a mad First ❤ Crush Rub system, wherein your enchanting bravery can be burnished into any of a Monster Girls to boost their strength and obtain new design for each!

Monster Monpiece is now accessible for PS Vita around a PlayStation Store.

View a initial collection of PC screenshots during a gallery.

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