Monster Hunter XX adds ‘Hunter Call’, Felyne Palico armor coloring, and new item

Monster Hunter XX

The latest emanate of Weekly Famitsu reveals 3 new facilities set to seem in Monster Hunter XX, including “Hunter Call” to simply play with friends in internal multiplayer, a ability to tone Felyne Palico armor, and a new object called a “Horns Coin” that we can sell for other items.

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Hunter Call

A new, internal wireless play underline where we can call hunters to a assembly place by branch on your Hunter Search. If a hunters we call out to respond, they’ll immediately join we during your assembly place and can attend in multiplayer. Simply put, it’s an easy approach to play with a people around you.

Felyne Palico Armor Coloring

Set colors for your Felyne Palico Armor. Just like we can with your hunter, we can openly tone any partial of your Felyne Palico’s armor.

New Item: Horns Coin

A silver we can accept as a prerogative by clearing quests during “Horns,” a bar where we can accept G-rank quests. You can sell Horns Coins for several equipment by giving it to a bar’s uncover girl. Items we can sell them for embody tender meat, crossbow bullets, and other consumable goods, as good as things required for producing and strengthening armor. Also, we can change a credentials song during a bar.

Monster Hunter XX is due out for 3DS in Japan on Mar 18.

Thanks, Hachima Kikou and Famitsu.

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