Mario Kart 64 Hits Wii U Virtual Console

Older Nintendo games are good since we can always come behind to them and relive their glory. Those games are really replayable. Like Mario Kart. Would we like to play Mario Kart 64 again? You can. Nintendo has expelled Mario Kart 64 on a North American Wii U eShop by a Nintendo 64 Virtual Console.

The diversion is now accessible for download from a Wii U eShop. Mario Kart 64 has already been expelled in Europe. It was rolled out in that partial of a universe progressing this year in January. Now it is a spin to get nostalgic.

Nintendo’s Virtual Console allows Wii U owners to play classical games that were creatively expelled for a NES, Super NES, and Game Boy Advance etc. These re-releases mostly come with several new facilities like off-TV play and more. While Nintendo has taken a time to move Mario Kart 64 to a North American Wii U eShop, it is here now. Better late than never.

The re-release of Mario Kart 64 initial took place in Japan about a year ago, afterwards it strike Europe in January. There is no support for Ghost information yet and a N64 Controller Paks don’t work either. All of a other facilities are accessible to players. The diversion costs $9.99 to download. Take a outing down memory lane.

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