Malicious Fallen entrance English trailer

Malicious Fallen

Alvion has expelled a initial English trailer for Malicious Fallen, that is due out for PlayStation 4 in early open 2017. Like prior Malicious titles, a western recover will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Here’s an overview of a game, around a English central website:

■ About

The Malicious array comes to a conclusion!

All chapters of a fast-paced, boss-battle movement array Malicious are entrance to a PS4 as a digital download exclusive!

A code new section “Demise” and other new gameplay elements have been added! The prior “Slayer” and “Rebirth” chapters are also included.

This is a all-inclusive, decisive book of Malicious!


A slew of new, stronger enemies! Unleash abilities never seen before! Witness a Demise of a Malicious with your possess eyes!

The Slayer and Rebirth

“The Slayer” and “Rebirth” chapters are both included! Intense battles from a strange chapters now on a PS4!


Coming soon.

■ Characters

Spirit Vessel

The Slayer summoned to better a good difficulty of a Malicious is given form in a figure of a Spirit Vessel. The Spirit Vessel radiates with a dark light and is surrounded by an atmosphere of etherealness. Although it appears human, it is a enclosure and zero more.

The Prophets

The 6 group of knowledge who summoned a Slayer to this world. They are beings over comprehension, carrying transcended mankind regulating a art of numerology that they have mastered by a prolonged years. They extend knowledge and strength to those with energy in sequence to forestall a entrance of a Malicious.

■ System


Intense trainer battles from all chapters! Bosses seem from a start of a level! Fight your approach by fierce, large-scale battles and countless foes!


  • Defeat Bosses to Obtain New Abilities – Obtain new abilities by defeating bosses! With any vanquished foe, new and stronger abilities will be yours! Use them to better even worse enemies!
  • Combo System – Mantle switch for tons of combo possibilities! Switching your Mantle form while aggressive gives we a accumulation of opposite ways to understanding damage! Bring sequence to a disharmony of conflict by selecting when to combo opposite forms!
  • 3D Action – Move openly around a whole 3D space! Run adult walls and ceilings but wanting to supply special abilities! Forget all we knew about sobriety and fly by a air! Use mid-air jumps and moody to pierce by a turn in any approach we want!
  • Mantle Abilities – Your layer changes form! Overcome your enemies by Mantle switching! Move, attack, defend… now change a form of your Mantle to fit your purposes!
  • Counter Attacks – Counter attacks are a pivotal to branch battles around! Make use of good timing to trigger a opposite attack! Inputting a scold commands during a boss’ special conflict will concede we to opposite it! A successful opposite conflict will leave a trainer far-reaching open for a time. Take advantage with your possess attacks!

What new abilities wait you?


  • Aura – Aura is a pivotal to vital fights! Defeat enemies to collect it! Release Aura for stronger offense and worse defense. Constantly immoderate and converting Aura can rapidyl boost both your descent and defensive capabilities!
  • Chain Attacks – Chain Attacks to obtain Aura! Use Aura to unleash special attacks to finish off enemies! Chain Attacks to fast take out coming enemies all during once and collect large amounts of Aura!

Watch a entrance English trailer below.

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