Lenovo VR Headset Prototype Shown Off At CES

Lenovo VR Headset

Lenovo has shown off another new device during CES 20176, a Lenovo VR Headset and a device will be concordant with Windows PCs and devices.

The Lenovo VR Headset will cost reduction than $400 when it launches, it will be done accessible some time after this year.

This new VR headset that is being shown off during CES weighs in during around 550 grams, this is about a same as a HTC Vive, a final indication will be lighter during around 350 grams.

The device will arrangement a span of 1,440 x 1440 OLED displays, nonetheless according to a guys over during Engadget, a indication being shown during CES does not spin on during a moment. As shortly as we get some some-more sum about a device, we will let we guys know.

Source Engadget

Image Credit: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

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