Latest Total War Game of Thrones, Seven Kingdoms Mod Update, Beyond a Wall Released (video)

Latest Total War Game of Thrones, Seven Kingdoms

Total War players and Game of Thrones fans that have not already started personification a Total War: Seven Kingdoms mod maybe meddlesome to now that a new refurbish has been expelled this week that adds even some-more Game of Thrones calm to enjoy.

Check out a trailer next for a Total War: Seven Kingdoms newest refurbish “Beyond a Wall” that comes in a v1.02 update.

Seven Kingdoms: Total War is a finish coterie and section renovate formed on and desirous by A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones. The mod strives to accurately reconstruct and etch all vital land army of a Seven Kingdoms of Westeros regulating equipment, uniforms, and ubiquitous aesthetics from a series.

New additions a latest refurbish embody :

– Free Folk
– Night’s Watch
– House Hornwood

– Ned Stark
– Rickard Karstark
– Euron Greyjoy
– Greatjon Umber
– Kevan Lannister
– Loras Tyrell
– Roose Bolton
– Theon Greyjoy
– Davos Seaworth
– Larence Snow
– Styr Magnar of Thenn
– Mance Rayder
– Tormund Giantsbane
– Alliser Thorne
– Jeor Mormont

Additionally, a series of changes and improvements have been done to existent content:

– Gameplay and balancing finetuning (custom atributes, abilities, etc.)
– House Mormont section deputy / overhaul
– House Tarly section deputy / overhaul
– Improved arms animations and positioning
– Numerous bug fixes

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