Kona Mystery Survival PS4 Game launches Mar 17th (video)

Kona Mystery Survival PS4

PlayStation gamers that suffer a multiple of presence and poser might be meddlesome in a new diversion that will be rising subsequent month called Kona, grown by indie powerhouse Parabole.

Kona is set in 1970’s Northern Canada and offers a story created by author David Bélanger and a strange measure was accessible by a internal folk-rock rope called CuréLabel. Offering a selected and windy diversion that blends “mystery, adventure, and presence elements”, contend a creators.

afiset Co-founder of developer Parabole explains some-more about what we can design from a poser presence diversion when it launches on a PlayStation 4 subsequent month on Mar 17th, 2017.

Words can't report how it feels to be bringing a diversion to such an extraordinary platform. we grew adult during a strange PlayStation epoch and we feel propitious to now have a opportunity, eighteen years later, to minister to a ecosystem.

When we left my prior pursuit to start my possess studio, we remember that my associates and we were full of crazy ambitions. We wanted to emanate games with a assistance of internal talents, featuring informed internal settings. We wanted these games to mix many genres in sequence to tell a story. We did not wish them to take players by a hand. We wanted to do so many things, and to be honest, we never approaching to have a event to grasp so many aspects of a initial prophesy in such a brief timespan. This is interjection to all a supporters, to all a people who pronounced “Keep it up!” and to all a business partners who helped us make Kona a reality.

As a group of gamers, we wanted to emanate a star where immersive atmosphere, formidable gameplay mechanics, and in-depth storytelling could coexist. We also suspicion it was protected to assume that a ones personification a diversion know how to pierce a first-person impression and camera around. As a result, in Kona, we can design to do many things, such as walking, driving, investigating, dreaming, and surviving.

Not usually did we wish a diversified experience, we also directed to emanate a diversion reflecting elements of a culture. Based in a range of Québec, Canada, a group is surrounded by some-more than 9,000 diversion developers. And yet, games constructed here that underline informed locations and informative references are rare. There are so many places here to uncover a universe that we felt we should do something about it — and so we did.

Kona, a poser set in a 1970s, was creatively created and uttered in French (of march additional underline and voiceover languages are available). The story was created by author David Bélanger and a strange measure was accessible by a internal folk-rock rope called CuréLabel. The outcome is a diversion that looks, sounds, and feels really authentic.

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