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Know the Specs and Buy PlayStation 3

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Before going to know the features on PlayStation 3, it is better to acknowledge at first the versions available in the market. Based on the designs and dimensions, there are 3 versions; they are PS3 Fat, PS3 Slim, and PS3 Super Slim. Of course, from those three versions, PS3 Super Slim is the newest and considered as the most sophisticated ones. How about the others? In the market, PS3 Fat and PS3 Slim are no longer produced in a large number. Meanwhile, PS3 Super Slim is again divided into 3 other versions; they are 12 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB. The 12 GB version is initially only for the markets of Europe and Japan. However, it seems that those versions are now already available in your country.

The dimension of PlayStation 3 Super Slim is indeed compact and looking practical. It is for the dimensions that are only 11.4 inch for the length, 2.36 inch for the width, and 9.05 for the height. Of course, it eases the users in term of storage. Meanwhile, it can also be easier to connect to other electronic devices like TV or computer. Interestingly, not only is it all about the design, the performance is also significantly improved. The most visible one is that PlayStation 3 Super Slim has no disc loading. It means you should not wait for a long time to start playing. There are only 2 ports of USB on the front part. Then, it is also equipped by infrared for remote control connector.

There are still some other great features available including the audio system from Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio bit streaming, Super Slim Form Factor, BRAVIA Sync XMB control, and Dual Shock Controller. This series from Sony Playstation is also able to create great displays like HDTV along with Blue Ray as well as supporting CD and DVD. Then, the operating system is featured Cell Microprocessor as the processor that is capable enough with speed up to 3.2 GHz. It means that you can avoid bad effects like lagging.

Pros and Cons

Of course, despite so many good things featured in the newest version of PlayStation 3, there are still some lacks. Here are pros and cons.

· Pros : the application of cell microprocessor for the improvement of performance, great features for graphic system, internet browser feature, abilities to play games from older consoles.

· Cons : it is widely critizised for adding 6-way moment censor as it is claimed as the imitation for Nintendo console.

So, are you fascinated to buy PS3 in the near future? That is so great anyway. However, here are tips buy PlayStation 3  make sure to go to the official store or via trusted platforms since the fake versions are widely spreading. Be careful anyway. Can you look at this video.


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