Japanese studio Gianty’s open-world movement RPG Goken now accessible on Steam Early Access

■ Game Description


Goken seeks to move behind all that was right about gaming in an movement packaged open universe sourroundings in a form of a good aged movement RPG genre and have a aged propagandize gamers shake in nostalgia.


Long ago, when gods lived among people…

There lived a swordsman who was given 5 swords fake by God himself.

Using these swords, a swordsman brought assent and sequence to a world.

People called a swordsman, “Wielder of a Five Swords”…

One day, during a eulogise to regard a gods, a blades of a swordsman spin opposite a gods for reasons unknown.

One of a gods, Ozone, mad with all his powers, hermetic a swordsman divided during a tip of a towering now famous as Swords Peak.

This story starts 5,000 years after a conflict between a two, nearby a a tiny encampment of Cardina.

Key Features

  • Seamless open-world diversion mechanics – While a diversion facilities a rather aged propagandize “quarter view” mechanic, a map transitions and eventuality scenes, even a fight is all seamless as can be to raise a altogether gaming experience.
  • Real time vital movement conflict system – Utilizing 2 primary conflict buttons, users can allot opposite weapons to any symbol to emanate a singular combo that fits a users need as they go. Monsters, bosses and theatre gimmicks can need a specific form of arms during times formulating opportunities for users to strategize their best track of approach.
  • Customizable Tattoo system – Utilizing “tattoos”, users are given specific points on leveling to get a protagonist inked as a form of powering adult so it could be built to one’s own. Raising MAX HP and Stamina, training new and special moves are usually a few of many ways players are means to customize their impression depending on their play style.

■ Early Access QA

Why Early Access?

Goken is an movement RPG devise aiming to do JRPG’s right in an aged fashioned demeanour by a book. Inspired by many scandalous titles from a “golden age of gaming,” Goken seeks to perform a genre that seems to be mislaid over a years. But we trust that this knowledge can usually be regenerated rightly with a assistance of tangible gamers from behind in a days and would like to qualification Goken into a form we all desire.

Approximately how prolonged will this diversion be in Early Access?

While we do have a designed set support of about dual months, we are peaceful to extend this time duration as prolonged as we feel that a mandate of gamers are not met.

How is a full chronicle designed to differ from a Early Access version?

In further to operative out apparent bugs and all that is now accessible in-game, we devise on a full chronicle to have a following features:

  • Implementation of Steamworks
  • Addition of an island dedicated privately for users to mod
  • Improvement on impression customization, privately a “Tattoo System 2.0”
  • Replayable Colosseum mode
  • Additional side quests
  • Additional dungeons

What is a stream state of a Early Access version?

Upon initial recover on early access, players can design Goken to have a following features:

  • Full story driven old-school movement RPG (playable to a end!)
  • Dual arms wielding with flog boundary animations
  • Seamless and vast open universe for users to experience
  • Fantasy universe drawn in pleasing 2D design with 3D characters
  • Very singular and familiar scores to accompany a world
  • Character customization “Tattoo System” that allows players to emanate singular builds
  • Weapon ascent complement by materials to loot

Will a diversion be labelled differently during and after Early Access?

Goken skeleton to yield users with a ignored cost indicate of $14.99 USD as a appreciate we for ancillary a diversion during a early stage. Once a diversion is reaches a full state, Goken is designed to be expelled during $19.99 USD.

How are we formulation on involving a Community in your growth process?

Gianty is non-stop to any ideas of improvements users might have and are peaceful to make Goken a diversion a Steam village truly desires. We wish to make growth of Goken as pure and interactive as probable so feel giveaway to dump off any ideas in a Steam village forums, or revisit us on the website, Facebook page, or Twitter.

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