Interview: Project Rap Rabbit creators Masaya Matsuura and Keiichi Yano during A 5th of BitSummit

I review that we all have famous any other for 20 years, so is Project Rap Rabbit something we all have talked about for a while or is a partnership a new idea?

Matsuura: “Actually, we had a possibility to accommodate during several gaming events, so we had a lot of chances to pronounce with any other. We felt there were many points of likeness between us, though apparently we didn’t have a possibility to work together. But this time we called Yano-san to plead something.”

So creatively it was your suspicion to hit Yano-san about this idea?

Yano: “Well it was kind of a partnership between PQube and us. We had a suspicion to make a new story-based stroke movement game, and it’s like, ‘I’ve been articulate to Matuura-san for a prolonged time; we should see if he’d be interested.’ So on Facebook Messenger we was like, ‘Hey Matsuura-san.’ At initial we were carrying lots of meetings, only meditative about all a things we had discussed over a years and what competence be applicable today. We both, we think, had a thought that we didn’t wish to do something that was like a Parappa 3 or Gitaroo 2; not something of a continuation—we wish to do something new that would give some definition to a collaboration.”

I review on your Kickstarter page that we were visually desirous by things like a Choji Jinbutsu Giga and Spirited Away, though from a low-pitched viewpoint are there any artists or hip-hop artists we like or who change a impression we are holding this game?

Matsuura: “Yes, for this time we cruise we will make a diversion for a singular visible impression and story. So we have to cruise what kind of song impression and movement will fit this kind of story well. we cruise we have to take time and examine with a bit of trial-and-error for a partnership of a audio and visuals.”

Yano: “Yeah some of a samples you’ve listened on a Kickstarter video are demonstrative of a instruction we are going. Since this universe is a alloy of complicated record and feudal Japan, a sound needs to simulate that, as Matsuura-san mentioned. What we have right now in terms of marks so distant has been a good brew of that. So you’ll see a lot of, not utterly artists per se, though lots of inspirations from lots of conflicting forms of music. Everything travelling from normal Japanese, like uh…”

Like enka?

Yano: “Yeah, and even only your standard swat artists, including Eminem and new things as well. But there’s a lot there we cruise we are pulling from, and a plea has been to get a Japanese vibe and a swat vibe during a good balance. We’re still perplexing to figure that partial out, though it’s been interesting.”

Right. When we looked during a diversion and it’s alloy of normal Japanese enlightenment and complicated hip-hop, it reminded of a dual anime, Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai. Were those in mind during all?

Matsuura: “Actually, some of a artists in a group mentioned being desirous by them. But for a story, we cruise a judgment and a thesis will be conflicting from them.”

Yano: “Yeah, they were unequivocally dual of a inspirations actually. You’ll see it in a themes and a stories. The whole story is about how we get divided from this epoch of protectionism; it’s about all domestic and local. As we suspicion about conceptualizing a categorical character, those were a categorical themes we suspicion about. Things like Afro Samurai and Samurai Champloo lift from identical sorts of Japanese history, nonetheless they residence conflicting themes. So they were engaging to cruise about.”

One of things that jumped out during me is how we select conflicting lyrics and responses while rapping. Is there a devise for this to develop into a branching story path, or have conflicting allies and enemies formed on those choices?

Yano: “That’s indeed accurately correct.”

Evans: “One of a teams report it as being like a low-pitched Outrun.”

Yano: “Yeah, a swat conflict complement is finished to be a branching system, most like a discourse trees of Mass Effect and such. As we swell by swat battles and a call-and-response system, a whole thing branches depending on how we answer.”

OK, cool. On one of a pages we wrote we wish to interest to a hardcore gamers who are looking for some-more difficulty, so like—I was unequivocally bad during PaRappa when we was a kid, we couldn’t even kick a initial level—are there conflicting problem levels?

Matsuura: “I cruise stroke games are finished for rhythm. So we unequivocally don’t like stroke games called stroke games who’s aloft problems only lift a BPM (beats per minute). Sometimes a low-pitched feeling is formidable for tuneless people, though we wish to mangle this kind of border. So we cruise this diversion will have a set difficulty.”

For a categorical characters, do we have any voice actors in mind?

Yano and Matsuura: “(Laughs.)”

Yano: “It’s still early.”

Matsuura: “Good question, conclude we for reminding us. Ahh, that’s a unequivocally good question. (Laughs.)”

Yano: “Yeah we don’t have anybody scoped out yet.”

How about this man (points during Matsuura)?

Matsuura: “(Laughs.) No no no, I’m not unequivocally good during voicing characters, though ah…ooh. (Laughs.)”

So who is a improved rapper here?

Matsuura: “He is. (Laughs.). we unequivocally cruise so.”

Evans: “We’ll have to put it to a test.”

Yano: “Yeah we’ll have to see, we’ll have a PaRappa conflict (everyone laughs).”

So is a art impression going to be 2D as in a promotional art or like PaRappa, or will we go for a 3D polygonal direction?

Yano: “It’s a full 3D game, powered by Unreal Engine 4.”

One of a questions people wanted me to ask is if this becomes successful, would we cruise making, possibly away or collaboratively, a new Ouedan, Vib Ribbon, PaRappa, or some delay of an comparison series?

Matsuura: “It could happen, though that’s adult to resources after this project.”

Yano: “Up to a community. But we cruise there’s a time and place for things like that. As creators, we cruise we like to emanate things. So, it’s always unequivocally engaging to always be challenged by new projects. We are unequivocally elegant and beholden of a fan base, so if there’s ever a possibility where we can have a fans support us in some form of delay of a series, we’d adore to do that.”

Were we set on Kickstarter from a commencement or did we cruise entrance a incomparable publisher for funding?

Evans: “The start of a plan came from PQube and Yano-san entrance together, so we were concerned in a birth of a plan to a certain extent, in terms of a initial review insofar as it would be unequivocally cold to work with Matsuura-san and Yano-san. At a time we were meditative about it, we didn’t comprehend Matsuura-san and Yano-san knew any other utterly so well. If it had happened a other proceed around—if they came adult with a suspicion it might have been a box that they approached a vast publisher. As we guys know, we cover most of a work, we are utterly a tiny publisher. Had we a resources to do it, we would positively demeanour to stake a project. We also wanted to strech out to a village to get an bargain of a recognition of a idea.”

The idea for a Nintendo Switch chronicle forsaken from $4.95 million to $1.5 million, so could we pronounce to a meditative or logic behind that decision?

Yano: “What were we thinking!?”

No no, not that during all. (Everyone laughs.)

Yano: “It was flattering simple. First of all diversion growth is, discordant to renouned belief, a unequivocally costly endeavor. When we initial set a widen goals, we designed it to have certain forms of features; we wanted a full-featured game. The initial thing to know is that during a bottom level, where we’re sharpened for right now–$1.1 million– is we wish a good, full-featured diversion that everybody can be happy with and where we are not slicing corners or doing anything like that.”

Not like episodic or something?

Yano: “No no no, we wish it to be a full game. On tip of that, we had a whole garland of facilities we wanted to put in though we only couldn’t do during that level—kind of reward features. Then supplement we combined them up, and afterwards put a Nintendo Switch chronicle on tip of that, that’s how that came to be in terms of where a turn is. The village unequivocally cheering for a Nintendo Switch chronicle has been unequivocally transparent to us. (Laughs.) We unequivocally conclude a fans, so we wish to make certain that we’re giving them, to some extent, what they wish as well. So what we did internally is we revisited how we would proceed this, and we cruise a lot of a disagreement here was that, if we demeanour during a widen goals we used to have, we have all these facilities and all these stages, and afterwards on tip of that for an additional 4 or 5 hundred thousand, we got a Switch version. So we weren’t indeed charging $3.5 million or anything like that only for a Switch version, it was all a things that came before that that finished adult a cost. Then we motionless to prioritize Switch and so did a lot of formulation in terms of how we could do that. The biggest fulfilment was, ‘if we don’t have to pier over all of a facilities that are in a widen goals to Switch, afterwards a porting to Switch could be finished for a small cheaper than we had designed for.’ That’s how we were means to get a cost down and subsequently get it down to a widen idea that everybody could be happy with.”

That’s all we have, though is there anything else you’d like to share or say?

Matsuura: “For me it’s unequivocally sparkling to combine with Yano-san and PQube on this project. we unequivocally wish this will be a embankment to creation this genre good again.”

Yano: “We’ve been meditative for a prolonged time what a lot of song games do well, and even only in a possess work where we’ve kind of depressed brief as video gaming in general. So what we’ve set out to do with this plan is to settle a new genre of stroke movement game. The complement we’ve designed is going to be unequivocally unique; I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s branch out unequivocally exciting. We’ll be means to uncover some gameplay aim video flattering soon. We’re unequivocally looking brazen to display everybody how cold a diversion is going to be.”

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