Horizon: Zero Dawn ‘Snapmaw’ and Thunderjaw’ appurtenance introduction trailers

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games have expelled a initial dual in a new array of appurtenance introduction trailers for Horizon: Zero Dawn, introducing a Snapmaw and Thunderjaw.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is due out for PlayStation 4 on Feb 28.

Watch a videos below.


  • Type: Acquisition
  • Habitat: Water Regions
  • Challenge Level: 20
  • Combat Weaponry: Freeze Burst
  • Combat Melee: Lunging Jaw Bite
    • Jumping Jaw Bite
    • Snap Bite
    • Tail Strike
  • Special Ability: Resource Processing
  • Vulnerabilities:
    • Cryo Sac
    • Fire Damage
  • Tactics: Blowing Up Cryo Sac

An acquisition-class machine, a Snapmaw is frequently found basking in or nearby bodies of water, where it gathers profitable minerals from a sediment. It can pierce with startling ferocity when alerted, lashing out with an array of m�lange attacks that embody absolute thrust bites and tail swipes. For ranged attacks, it fires off cryo mortars that solidify a aim on impact.


  • Type: Combat
  • Habitat: All Terrain – Open Areas
  • Challenge Level: 27
  • Combat Weaponry:
    • Machine Guns
    • Disc Launchers
    • Mouth Laser
  • Combat Melee:
    • Bite Attack
    • Rushing Bite Attack
    • Charge Attack
    • Foot Stomp
    • Tail Slam
    • Tail Swipe
  • Special Ability: Radar Scan – to find dark threats
  • Vulnerabilities:
    • Heart Core
    • Brain Core
  • Tactics: Remove front launcher to use opposite it

The combat-class Thunderjaw is one of a deadliest machines encountered in Horizon Zero Dawn. A challenging savage versed with cannons, front launchers and a mouth laser, the absolute ranged attacks will fast cut down any hunter ridiculous adequate to warning it. Space permitting, it can also unleash with a harmful operation of m�lange attacks such as charges and tail swipes.

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