Hori Fight Stick For The Nintendo Switch

As distant as inclination for a Nintendo Switch, a default options are a bundled Joy-Cons, though we can also get a Pro controller that offers a somewhat some-more informed pattern for gamers. But maybe arcade-style gaming is some-more adult your alley. If so, afterwards you’ll be gratified with Hori’s arriving offering.

The association has now announced that they will be rising a Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa quarrel hang for a Nintendo Switch.

The pattern of a quarrel hang is identical to Hori’s other offerings, solely this one seems to have been designed with a Nintendo Switch in mind and will have a Nintendo Switch decal. Otherwise it should be flattering most a same as a other controllers. Nothing super imagination or groundbreaking here.

We are in a dim as distant as pricing and availability. Hori has nonetheless to recover those details, though they will no doubt let us know soon. Pricing shouldn’t be too opposite from Hori’s other quarrel hang accessories for other console platforms. At a impulse there aren’t too many arcade fighting games accessible for a Switch, or being designed as distant as we know, though maybe we can be prepared for destiny releases with this device.

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