Here They Lie Update Adds New PS4 And PS4 Pro Support Today (video)

Here They Lie PS4

Cory Davis Co-creative Director during developers Tangentlemen has taken to a central PlayStation Blog to explain some-more about a latest refurbish expelled currently for Here They Lie, that adds PS4 and PS4 Pro support.

Here They Lie was creatively launched on PlayStation VR and is now accessible to play 7 if we don’t possess Sony’s practical existence hardware.

Cory explains some-more :

While many of we have been diving into a nightmarish rabbit-hole that is Here They Lie on PlayStation VR, we’ve continued forging forward on destiny updates and additions to urge a experience. I’m vehement to let we know about a goodies that are about to hurl out for a PS VR chronicle and… wait for it… a PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of Here They Lie!

That’s right, Here They Lie will be updated on Feb 21 to be playable but a PS VR headset — a Standard version. If we already possess Here They Lie for PS VR, you’ll automatically accept this refurbish by a downloadable patch. Anyone purchasing Here They Lie after Feb 21 will get both versions of a game.

Here They Lie is also removing an insanely luscious PS4 Pro patch on a same day! That means 4K (users need a 4K arrangement device to perspective in 4K) / HDR support for a Standard chronicle of a game, and an all-around aloft peculiarity render-mode for PS4 Pro on PS VR. Better shadows, post-processing effects, energetic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion!

We’ve been listening to your feedback on a website, amicable media, and in a community dreams. Many of we had unequivocally good requests for Here They Lie, and we’ve implemented as many of them as we could. New additions embody a controller pattern screen, a rarely requested Chapter Select screen, subtitles (only for a Standard version), and a slew of visible upgrades — like softened anti-aliasing and lighting opposite a board.

Source: PS Blog

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