Gundam Versus adds Jesta and Gundam Throne Zwei, sealed beta facilities online and offline modes

Gundam Versus

The latest emanate of Weekly Famitsu reveals some of a playable Gundam in a arriving sealed beta exam of Gundam Versus, including today-confirmed playable Jesta and Gundam Throne Zwei. 

Here’s a list of playable Gundam featured in Famitsu:

  • Turn A Gundam
  • Jesta
  • The-O
  • Gundam Throne Zwei
  • Jagd Doga
  • Gundam Sandrock Kai
  • Z Gundam
  • ZZ Gundam
  • V2 Gundam
  • Jinx
  • Union Flag Custom
  • Full Armor Gundam
  • Gundam Barbatos
  • Gundam Kyrios
  • Gundam Exia
  • Sinanju
  • Unicorn Gundam
  • Tallgeese
  • Wing Gundam Zero
  • v-Gundam
  • Gouf
  • Guncannon
  • Gundam

The sealed beta will underline 38 playable mecha from opposite 11 opposite works.

Four gameplay modes will be featured in a sealed beta:

  • Ultimate Battle – Upgrade your mecha while flourishing and defeating a enemies that seem one after a other to transparent a course. Through steady battle, an “Extra Battle” will start where you’ll quarrel with special manners such as three-on-three or trainer hunter. You can play by yourself, though if we name to play online, a Extra Battle will be an online conflict with adult to 6 players.
  • Trial Battle – Battle opposite a mechanism to transparent a stage. There will be several routes to take in a final chronicle of a game, and new routes will be combined in spin around updates.
  • Free Battle – A single-player mode where we can set your possess conditions and settings, such as mechas and teams. It’s useful for Mobile Suit and technique practice.
  • Player Match – Create or hunt for bedrooms that reason a limit of 18 players to attend in two-on-two online battles. You can even conflict with players overseas.

As formerly announced, a sealed beta will be hold on Mar 10, Mar 18, and Mar 19 in Japan during name hours, and applications are accessible now around a Japanese PlayStation Store. The sealed beta will also be hold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

A recover date for Gundam Versus has nonetheless to be announced. In further to a Japanese release, an Asian English recover is also planned.

Thanks, Hachima Kikou and Famitsu.

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