Gun Gun Pixies adds Neptune and Noire as guest characters

Gun Gun Pixies

Neptune and Noire from a Neptunia array will seem as guest characters in Gun Gun Pixies, Compile Heart and Shade’s arriving third-person shooter for PS Vita, Compile Heart announced.

Here are their descriptions:


She decides to do a brief tenure examine abroad for a certain reason and stays during a Japanese women’s dormitory. Strangely enough, she stays during “Lily Pet,” a dormitory infiltrated by a Pixie Team.


The enchantress that watches over Lastation, and a accessible opposition to Neptune. For a same reason as Neptune, a dual dorm together during Lily Pet for a brief tenure examine abroad.

Gun Gun Pixies puts players in a purpose of little visitor girls who invade a girl’s dormitory on Earth in sequence to examine their interactions and save their world from the impassioned miss of communication, that is causing people not to get married. It is due out for PS Vita in Japan on Apr 27.

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