Gravity Rush 2 Demo Available From Today (video)

Gravity Rush 2 Demo

Those of we looking brazen to a launch of Gravity Rush 2 early subsequent year on Jan 18th, 2017 will be gratified to know that currently a Gravity Rush 2 demo has been done accessible permitting we to check out a gameplay before a game’s central launch.

As good as releasing a new demo of a diversion a Gravity Rush 2 teaser trailer has also been expelled to smooth your ardour forward of a game’s launch exclusively onto a PlayStation 4 console and platform.

Nick Accordino Associate Project Manager during SCEA explains some-more :

Greetings and happy holidays, Gravity Rush fans! We’re reduction than one month divided from a launch of Gravity Rush 2, and I’m anxious to move we an refurbish on some of a high-falling movement that’s headed your approach before launch.

First and foremost, we’ve formerly mentioned Gravity Rush Overture [The Animation], an strange prolongation by famed anime studio Studio Khara that bridges a opening in story that takes place between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. I’m happy to announce currently that a anime will be accessible for all to see on YouTube starting on Dec 26 during 8:00 AM Pacific.

The gravity-controlling mechanics introduced in Gravity Rush are stretched in Gravity Rush 2. Players are means to select among 3 sobriety styles: a strange character from a initial game, Lunar and Jupiter. Lunar will be light and boost Kat’s speed and her ability to burst higher. Jupiter will make Kat feel heavy, giving her attacks some-more impact. Players can change between sobriety styles regulating a hold pad.

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