Gal Gun: Double Peace worldwide sales tip 100,000

Gal Gun: Double Peace

Gal Gun: Double Peace has sole over 100,000 units worldwide, developer Inti Creates announced.

In a blog post, Gal Gun: Double Peace localization executive and writer Matt Papa discussed how a diversion came to be expelled outward of Japan. To promulgate it, Papa pitched a localization to his trainer while a diversion was still in development, though was told that a group didn’t have a certainty that it would sell outward of Japan.

However, a twitter sent out by Papa from Inti Creates’ English Twitter comment on Gal Gun: Double Peace‘s Japanese recover date altered a fate. It asked, “Would we like to see Gal*Gun localized some day? Let us know!” By a subsequent day, that twitter became a champion in terms of many views and impressions on Inti Creates’ Twitter account, and a series of websites were articulate about it. From there, Papa pitched a thought again and within a few days a localization was decided.

Gal Gun: Double Peace initial launched for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on Aug 6, 2015, followed by Europe on Jul 22, 2016, and North America on Aug 2. A PC chronicle was expelled worldwide a month later, on Sep 27. In Japan, a re-release, dubbed Gal Gun: Double Peace Bilingual, is due out on Feb 23.

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