Free Fallout 4 Update Will Enhance PS4 Pro And PC Graphics Next Week

Free Fallout 4 Update

A new giveaway Fallout 4 refurbish that is now being prepared by Bethesda, will move new tweaks and enhancements that will urge visuals on a PlayStation 4 Pro and PC versions of a Fallout 4 game.

The Fallout 4 1.19 patch will be done accessible subsequent week for a PlayStation 4 Pro, and will raise a lighting and textures to support 1440p local resolution, as good as improving sketch distances and enhancing Godray effects, says Bethesda.

PC gamers will also have a choice of installing a new high fortitude hardness container that will need an additional 58 GB of storage space, though are certain to make a areas and territories around a Commonwealth even some-more special. Bethesda explains a small some-more :

Next week, we’re rolling out new updates for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition opposite Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Both games are bringing new facilities to Mod calm (more on that subsequent week), and privately for PlayStation 4 Pro users, we are anxious to share sum on a central PS4 Pro support.

Also accessible subsequent week, with so many fans still actively personification Fallout 4 on Steam, we’re vehement to announce a recover of a game’s High-Resolution Texture Pack. Consider this giveaway download a adore minute to a extraordinary PC fans that have upheld us – not only with Fallout 4, though opposite mixed decades and games.

Source: Bethesda

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