Flywrench Launches Feb 14th On PlayStation 4 (video)

Flywrench is a tough-as-nails, masorcore-ish diversion that’s somewhere between a platformer and a production puzzle. We’ve been operative on it given 2007 if we can trust it — we competence even have played Mark’s early antecedent chronicle of a game! If we play games like Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy (actually, Flywrench was a playable character!) or Roll7’s OlliOlli, afterwards this is right adult your alley.

Your impression is a white line. No, seriously, we are a small white line. You are a small white line ship. If we don’t press anything we will dump to a bottom of a turn and explode! Don’t do that. You can strap to stay aloft. Left and right adds movement any way. You can do a tub hurl or 10, though we won’t be means to control your boat in this mode. Each pierce changes we tone — while flapping, you’re red. If you’re rolling, you’re green. If we aren’t doing either, you’re white.
Obstacles come in a garland of opposite colors, though if they’re one of a 3 that we can switch to afterwards we can proviso right by it untouched. It’s a small different, though you’ll get a hang of it right away. At AGDQ this past year there were some implausible Flywrench full story runs that were scarcely flawless!

There are 199 levels and they come during we with a quickness. Flap, spin, and rebound by all kinds of wily tone coded obstacles and into a exit. We spent a lot of time tuning a controls usually right, so when we die (Which we will… often) you’ll know it was all your fault. Bad gamer, bad!

In further to a categorical campaign, we’ve also enclosed a Time Trial mode so that we can competition opposite players globally. Also — and this is usually accessible on PS4, we’ve enclosed a whole new container of “Asteroid” levels in Time Trial. They’re fierce.

I might be a bit biased, though this is flattering most a best diversion soundtrack ever, so distant (We are operative on some torpedo song for Nidhogg 2!). Daedelus, who we were propitious to work with on OG Nidhogg, wove together an overwhelming soundtrack from some of a best producers around like Machinedrum, Baths, Dntel, Sweatson Klank, and many more. You can indeed listen to a soundtrack in-game by an aged propagandize “Sound Test” screen.

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