First demeanour during Figureheads for PS4


Famitsu has left adult with a initial online preview of a newly announced PlayStation 4 chronicle of Figureheads, Square Enix’s free-to-play, online, tactical third-person shooter now accessible for PC in Japan.

The robots tranquil by players in Figureheads are stoical of dual forms of difficulty parts: “2Foot” and “Figureheads.” These tools are constructed by several in-game companies, and underline singular differences in opening and coming formed on a company. Players can customize these tools to build a singular robot.

In further to a player-versus-player online conflict mode, a PlayStation 4 chronicle of Figureheads offers a player-versus-enemy mode where players conflict opposite computer-controlled characters. With defeating enemies and hulk drudge battles awaiting, it promises to offer calm beguiling to both new players and existent PC fans.



Figureheads will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on Mar 9.

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