First demeanour during Death Mark for PS Vita

Death Mark

Famitsu has left adult with a initial online preview for Death Mark, a newly announced PS Vita fear journey diversion from Experience, a developer generally famous for a cave RPGs.

Here’s an overview of a game’s story:

Those who possess a “mark” will die. In a Tokyo civil area’s H City, where such rumors began to circulate, a box suspicion to be a questionable genocide as a outcome of a “mark” had occurred. This “mark” was suddenly engraved onto a body, literally like a birthmark. The means of a blotch is capricious and has invited several rumors, such as it being a outcome of a spook confront somewhere or unknowingly entrance into hit with a curse. One day, among those who possess a “mark,” people were invited to a certain mansion. You are among those people. “Welcome to Kujou Mansion.” The duke who greets we is a pleasing doll who speaks language. The doll sensitively began to speak, “You will die if we stay like this…” “but that doesn’t meant that there isn’t a approach to be saved.”

Death Mark

Death Mark

Death Mark is due out for PS Vita in Japan in summer 2017 for 4,800 yen.

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