Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro 60 fps refurbish launches Feb 21, Chapter 13 refurbish on Mar 28

Square Enix minute some arriving updates and downloadable calm for Final Fantasy XV during an Active Time Report live tide today.

Get a information below.

■ Updates

February 21

  • PS4 Pro Full HD 60 fps support – Not always 60 frames per second, though a limit 60 frames per second.
  • Limited time quests – Quests that we can usually take on for a singular time. This time it’s Hunts, though in a destiny there will be opposite quests such as fishing.
  • Level top lifted to 120 – Your knowledge points won’t count towards past turn 99 until after a update, definition we can’t start stocking adult knowledge points before a update.
  • Photo ability increasing from 150 to 200.
  • Use a song actor while roving a Chocobo.

March 28

  • Chapter 13 – Enhancements to a final stages of a game, including Chapter 13. You’ll also be means to play as Gladiolus for a brief period.

■ Downloadable Content

Booster Pack+ (February 21)

  • Boost Sword (weapon)
  • Dragon Mod (fishing rod)
  • Aviol (reel)

Booster Pack (Free Version) (due out during a after date*)

  • Invincible fit “Magitek Exosuit” (Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis)

*The publisher of Power Rangers forked out that a pattern of a suits competence be too similar, so they have been behind to a after date in sequence to correct a design.

Episode: Gladiolus (March 28)

Read some-more here.

Episode: Prompto (June)

Final Fantasy XV

This part will concentration on impression development.

■ Survey

Square Enix will horde a consult for any segment per what users wish to see in destiny updates. Further sum will be announced during a after date.

■ Free-Driving a Regalia

Final Fantasy XV

Free drive—the ability to expostulate a Regalia outward of designated roads—is now in development. Director Hajime Tabata remarkable that he is experimenting with several other things that he would like to share, not in an Active Time Report, though by some-more infrequent means.

■ Platinum Demo

Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV will be taken off of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Mar 31. Get it while we can!

Final Fantasy XV is accessible now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch a Active Time Report below. View a trailer for a arriving downloadable calm from 10:13 to 11:10, and giveaway expostulate gameplay from 50:33 to 52:16.

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