Final Fantasy XV ‘Cup Noodle Headgear’ DLC enclosed as Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection bonus

Final Fantasy XV 'Cup Noodle Headgear'

Final Fantasy XV will get “Cup Noodle Headgear” apparatus as a reward for those who squeeze a Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection, Nissin Foods announced.

The Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection costs 6,084 yen (approx. $52 USD) and includes 15 Cup Noodles any featuring design of a trainer from any of a 15 mainline Final Fantasy titles.

The Cup Noodle Headgear apparatus will be accessible for download for Boss Collection buyers someday around this summer. It’s remarkable that buyers will benefit early entrance to a item, definition there will expected come a indicate where everybody is means to download it.

Final Fantasy XV is accessible now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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