Final Fantasy XV ‘Booster Pack,’ ‘Episode: Gladiolus,’ and ‘Episode: Prompto’ DLCs dated

Square Enix antiquated 3 arriving Final Fantasy XV add-ons during a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony.

Here is a list of recover dates:

Booster Pack+ and Booster Pack (Free Version) – Feb 21, 2017

Final Fantasy XV

Obtain absolute equipment that give we an advantage in conflict and make them some-more refreshing with a “Booster Pack+” and “Booster Pack (Free Version).” One of a equipment is an fit that creates we godlike for 30 minutes. (It also boosts your fishing skills. After use, it can't be used again for 24 hours.)

Episode: Gladiolus – Mar 28, 2017

Final Fantasy XV

An strange part that unfolds from a viewpoint of Gladio, who was not playable in a categorical story of Final Fantasy XV. Enjoy uninformed controls with Gladio-like movement opposite from Noctis. Additionally, Final Fantasy array informed impression Gilgamesh will also appear.

Episode: Prompto – Jun 2017

No new sum were shared.

Final Fantasy XV is accessible now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

View screenshots from a “Episode Gladiolus” appendage during a gallery.

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