Final Fantasy VII Remake writer Yoshinori Kitase talks swell and some-more in Weekly Famitsu

How’s swell on Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Kitase: “We’re still brushing adult a scenes we showed we in a trailer. The turn of peculiarity we need to strike is entrance into view, though there is still some approach to go from here.”

If it ends adult a array and growth takes a prolonged time, will we contend a peculiarity of a initial pretension throughout?

Kitase: “I consider it’s my shortcoming to confirm a turn of peculiarity and contend that peculiarity to a unequivocally finish during prolongation of a episodes. Of course, as a episodes progress, it’s usually healthy that a peculiarity match.”

(Editor’s Note: Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a “multi-part series.”)

What will we do to fill a opening between episodes?

Kitase: “Final Fantasy VII spreads out aside in a compilation. There isn’t a petrify plan, though given we can’t put out a diversion in only a few months, we wish to consider of a approach to means seductiveness in between releases.”

Would we wish to put out a film with a Final Fantasy VII Remake models?

Kitase: “I feel like we wish to do several things. (Laughs.)”

What is a probability of Final Fantasy XV-like downloadable calm and smartphone content?

Kitase: “I would like to use [Final Fantasy XV] as a indicate of reference. While we would like to take measures such as doing live streams to correlate with users, with this partial complement we consider we’ll be regulating all of a appetite on reaching a finish of a strange game, so we don’t unequivocally know either or not we’ll be means to do things between episodes and other titles.”

Regarding battles..

Kitase: “We’ve solidified a bottom [of a conflict system]. Tetsuya Nomura, of course, and Mitsunori Takahashi, who took partial in Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, are putting all of their bid into it.”

Regarding Materia and other systems…

Kitase: “There are a lot of things we still can’t say, though we’re not going to mislay a things that were renouned in Final Fantasy VII.”

Director Tetsuya Nomura pronounced that he would like to uncover a swell of Final Fantasy VII Remake during some indicate this year…

Kitase: “I have wish that it will happen, though that still hasn’t been decided. However, when we uncover it next, we would like to do so in a approach that’s a step serve than a trailer, such as during an eventuality where people can knowledge it.”

Please reconstitute Final Fantasy VI!

“Right now, we’re operative on Final Fantasy VII… The staff within a association are also observant it [that they wish a reconstitute of Final Fantasy VI], though it continues to be put off.”

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