Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro Patch Enables 60 fps And More

Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro Patch

A new PS4 Pro patch has been rolled out to a Final Fantasy 15 diversion this week in a form of refurbish 1.05 that is now enabled gameplay during 60 fps rather than a capped 30 frames per second though was formerly enabled for a new aloft powered games console.

Digital Foundry is now questioning how this effects a Final Fantasy 15 gameplay and we can design a opening video or refurbish really soon.

As good as bringing a aloft support rate a latest Final Fantasy 15 patch also brings with it a turn top boost from 99 to 120. The enclosed camera hurl within a diversion can now store a sum of 200 pictures. The refurbish also adds new limited-time hunts to a diversion for players to enjoy.

Features embody :

– PlayStation 4 Pro console Lite Mode harmony with a limit of 60 FPS
– New Timed Quests (limited-time and contests)
– Higher turn top (up to Level 120)
– Increased camera hurl ability (store adult to 200 photos)
– Portable song actor for Chocobo rides
– Conclusion of a Moogle Chocobo Carnival

Source: Reddit : FF

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