Figureheads for PS4 “Pre-Order Exclusive Pack: Xenogears Set” pre-orders now accessible in Japan


Pre-orders for a recently announced PlayStation 4 chronicle of Figureheads are now accessible around a PlayStation Store in Japan in a form of a “Pre-Order Exclusive Pack: Xenogears Set” for 1,500 yen.

The pre-order container includes a following:

  • Armor: Weltall / Brigandier / Siebzehn
  • Figureheads: Fei / Bart
  • EXP Boost 30 Days
  • BIT Boost 30 Days
  • 30 Gold (Money Points)

It’s value observant that Figureheads is free-to-play. If we don’t wish a Xenogears-themed content, we can only download a diversion for giveaway when it launches.

Figureheads is a tactical online drudge third-person shooter featuring five-on-five, player-versus-player matches and a new player-versus-enemy mode where players join army opposite challenging enemies. Players control 3 robots as they aim for victory, and robots can be customized with opposite weapons, armor, and conflict support AI famous as “Figureheads.” The diversion is already accessible on PC and will launch for PlayStation 4 on Mar 9.

Watch a new trailer below.

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