Explore Planet Mars Using The Playstation VR Headset Mar 7th (video)

Playstation VR Unearthing Mars

Later this week on Mar 7th Winking Entertainment, will be releasing a new PlayStation VR experience, journey and space scrutiny diversion Unearthing Mars.

Watch a central Unearthing Mars trailer next that has been expelled today, to learn some-more about what we can design from a new practical existence diversion that offers a VR knowledge that comprises of 10 opposite stages any with a possess singular gameplay mechanic.

Eric Tsai from Winking Entertainment explains a small some-more about what we can design from a opposite stages, when a new Unearthing Mars practical existence diversion launches after this week on Mar 7th, 2017.

Each theatre also advances a story of a space speed group perplexing to uncover a secrets of Mars. Players will take a purpose of a Co-pilot, a member of a retrieval group sent to redeem fragments of a puzzling Phobos satellite, believed to reason clues to a probability of an ancient civilization on Mars. As we can tell, this isn’t a documentary-type VR experience, though unequivocally something that plays some-more like a good scholarship romance novel (or novella, in a case).

In a initial half of a game, players will knowledge handling a Mars alighting qualification car firsthand, as good as try a aspect of Mars on feet and around a corsair vehicle. In a latter half, there’s a lot some-more cross-genre gameplay as players learn a some-more enigmatic side to a Red Planet, elucidate puzzles along a approach and culminating in a first-person shootout that… well, I’ll let we guys knowledge that for yourselves.

With such a far-reaching accumulation of gameplay mechanics in a game, prolongation was utterly a challenge. The prolongation staff was separate into 4 smaller teams, any obliged for a opposite diversion genre, or gameplay mechanic. Traditionally during Winking, a singular product is worked on by a singular team, though to tackle a hurdles acted by creation a new VR product, 4 opposite teams were necessary.

Jump over to a central PlayStation blog via a couple next for some-more sum on a arriving game.

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