Experience developing PS4 dungeon RPG aimed for release in Japan in 2017


Experience, developer of dungeon RPGs such as Demon Gaze, Operation Babel, and Stranger of Sword City, is developing a dungeon RPG for PlayStation 4 that it plans to release in Japan in 2017, company president Hajime Chikami told Famitsu.

“As we turn towards 2017, what we’re announcing at the current time is the Xbox One game we talked about some time ago, Yomi wo Saku Hana, and our PS Vita game, Death Mark, but in 2017 we would like to tackle a title for another platform as well,” Chikami said.

Famitsu asked if that is to say that Experience is developing a title for PlayStation 4.

Chikami responded, “Large-scale titles are being released and I think that there is momentum, and I would like to increase the platforms that we can develop for.

“With PlayStation 4, I would like to create a new dungeon RPG, which is what this company is best at. A new IP.”

Famitsu asked, being that they’re taking on new hardware with a new IP, if they’re aiming to attract new users. Chikami responded that the game will mainly be for fans of the company and that its content is aimed at the core audience.

Experience director Motoya Ataka added that, “If we’re aiming to make a dungeon RPG for core users, since it wouldn’t be interesting if it was the same as before, we want to make something that satisfies our fans, and yet is leveled up a rank. We’re aiming for something that won’t be referred to as ‘the same as before.’”

As for its release window, Chikami said, “If possible, I would like to release it in 2017.”

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