Experience announces Death Mark for PS Vita

Death Mark

Following a teaser video in December, a latest emanate of Dengeki PlayStation reveals Shiin, or Death Mark, a fear journey diversion for PS Vita from Experience due out in Japan in 2017 for 4,800 yen.

Death Mark is Experience’s initial take on a fear journey genre. The association typically develops cave RPGs.

The diversion is set in a Tokyo civil area’s H City, where it is rumored that “those who possess a blotch famous as the ‘mark’ will die,” and a puzzling eventuality was caused as a outcome of the mark. Meanwhile, among those who possess the mark (Marked Persons), there were those looking into a certain mansion. The master who greets visitors during that palace was a pleasing doll who speaks language.

Those who possess “symbols” contingency hunt for a approach to solve a abuse of genocide by exploring “kaii” spots within the mansion.

The protagonist is a prime male who mislaid his memory. He picks a partner from among a Marked Persons who revisit the mansion to separate up, explore, and investigate.

“Kaii” that aim Marked Persons exist within a explorable devout spots in a mansion. Because confronting kaii means death, players contingency select a best choice to escape. If players make a wrong choices, it will outcome in a diversion over.

Development is now 50 percent complete.

Thanks, Hachima Kikou.

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