Exile Election ‘Shihori Yurizono’ impression trailer

Exile Election

The eighth impression trailer for Nippon Ichi Software’s arriving genocide diversion journey pretension introduces Shihori Yurizono.

As formerly detailed, Shihori Yurizono is a lady who is always by herself. She indifferent towards other people, shows no enterprise for a election, and has no connection to living. She carries around eyeglasses for her bad eyesight, though frequency wears them.

If we missed it, prior impression trailers introduced Michimune Isurugi, Miori Himeno, Yuuri Himeno, Kaasha Tadenomiya, Aasha Tedenomiya, Hakushuu Isumi, and Alice.

Exile Election is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan on Apr 27.

Watch a video below.

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