Earth Defense Force 5 sum Fencer, Grim Reaper, and Immigrant Ship

■ Soldier: Fencer

Earth Defense Force 5

Strengthened soldiers versed with a “Powered Skeleton,” a troops use exoskeleton grown by a army. Its beast strength surpasses one ton, and it is means to swing a form of complicated apparatus that possess a firepower of a tank and can't be carried by typical feet soldiers. The start of a name, “Fencer,” comes from a “Blasthole Spear” it wields.


Earth Defense Force 5

A machine-style stalk that projects during high speed while rotating and can pierce by all objects. With a spear’s present projection, it is probable to conflict fast before a rivalry is means to see that a stalk is projecting. Its operation is short, though it has strenuous mortal force and can pierce by several enemies during once. It is also probable to use while environment adult a shield.


Earth Defense Force 5

Not usually does it beget extensive vibrations on a objects it hits, this produce has a built-in super quivering generator that demolishes a surrounding area. However, given a super vibrations widespread by objects, it can't be approaching to have an outcome on enemies in a sky. The outlay of a produce can be practiced to several levels, and if a outlay is lifted to a limit level, it will vaunt adequate energy to means an blast on impact.


Earth Defense Force 5

A special alloy-make defense that possesses good defensive energy and decreases a volume of repairs perceived when set up. It is unfit to use with a arms that requires a whole physique to attack, though for one-handed weapons such as a spear, a defense can be set adult while attacking. However, as a volume of repairs it receives increases, a defense will turn unfit to use until it cools down.

Gatling Gun

Earth Defense Force 5

A personal use, complicated arms done unstable for a Powered Skeleton. Its debility is that it takes some time before a initial bullets are fired, though after that fires during fast speed with extensive mortal force. By holding a “attack button,” a tub will continue to stagger and bullets glow when a revolution reaches a certain speed. There is a clever boomerang when a gun is fired, and given a nozzle jumps adult while firing, aim has to be manually practiced during discharge.


Earth Defense Force 5

A personal use, complicated firearm that launches special shells with glorious advance force. It is a top difficulty in a difficulty of personal use weapons, and a weight is during a turn of “just hardly transportable” when versed to a Powered Skeleton. Since it is a high size weapon, a boomerang alone could means critical injuries to humans. Although a Powered Skeleton absorbs a recoil, time for startle fullness is though necessary, withdrawal a section defenseless during that time. Since a nozzle jumps adult when sharpened and misaligns a aim, it has to be manually practiced when a gun is dismissed again.

■ Elite Troops EDF: Grim Reaper (NPC)

Earth Defense Force 5

A feared, chosen Fencer section named after genocide himself.

Their black Powered Skeletons are specialized in a “Blasthole Spear.” The Blasthole Spear, a challenging arms grown alongside a Powered Skeleton, is a special stalk that can pierce by objects. Since a weight and impact do not concede typical feet soldiers to swing it, a Powered Skeleton is necessary. This arms possesses extensive mortal force, though runs during high risk to use as it is usually effective during tighten range. Other than Grim Reapers, usually a few others swing it.

Earth Defense Force 5

Grim Reapers have discriminating their strategy regulating this arms in their despotic training and combat. They pierce around fast on a battlefield, tighten in on their enemy, and triturate them with a Blasthole Spear. It can be pronounced that a arms itself is a Grim Reaper’s many arguable ally.

Earth Defense Force 5

The autocratic officer of a Grim Reapers broken 3 Combat Frames in a prior battle. He was called a hero, though mislaid a lot of comrades in that battle, and has wandered from dangerous terrain to terrain looking for a place to die ever since. The Grim Reapers, who always proffer for formidable missions and use strategy that put their lives during risk, have done them feared by soldiers genocide himself.

However, Grim Reapers are not only looking for a incomprehensible death. They are seeking a suggestive genocide where they can save a good series of their comrades.

■ Earth Defense Force Soldiers Who Started as Civilians: Powered Skeleton Walker

Earth Defense Force 5

A general-purpose Powered Skeleton used by laborers. The Powered Skeleton has a energy to lift objects of one ton or greater, and is especially used in a fields of load travel and polite engineering and construction. It was creatively a energy support device that began from private research, though due to a growth of a high energy troops use exoskeleton, it was widespread to several industries by putting that record to other use. Specifically in a fields of travel and polite engineering and construction, those with scarcely a same structure of a troops use Powered Skeleton are used. However, since it a energy is dangerous, a permit is required to mountain it.

One of a protagonists of Earth Defense Force 5, who will after join a Fencer unit, is a laborer with a permit to work a Powered Skeleton. Similar to a protagonist that is a Ranger or a Wing Diver, this occurrence occurs during work during a Earth Defense Force bottom subterraneous warehouse. This protagonist will get concerned in an occurrence that shakes a world.

■ Immigrant: Immigrant Ship

Earth Defense Force 5

The biggest, drifting saucer-style space boat that flew to Earth. Currently, 12 Immigrant Ships have been confirmed. It would seem that these discs are allocated around a world and duty as a bottom for their Earth advance army. There has not been any success in sharpened it down, nor can we even repairs it.

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