Dungeon Travelers 2-2 sum Libra and Sealbooks, Mutants and Grand Sealbooks, beast summoning

Aquaplus has updated a Japanese central website for Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and a Book of Beginnings with sum on a game’s Libra and Sealbooks, Mutants and Grand Sealbooks, and new beast summoning features.

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■ Libra and Sealbooks

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

By defeating monsters, we can sign their spirits regulating a abilities of a Libra (the disdainful category that Fried belongs to).

By bringing a a beast spirits that we collect to a Seal Control Room, we can emanate a Sealbook.

By equipping a Sealbook, we can make use of several effects that will give we an advantage in battle.

Some Sealbook Effects

  • Physical conflict energy increase
  • Attribute insurgency increase
  • Maximum HP increase
  • HP liberation any turn


■ Mutants and Grand Sealbooks

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

Very frequency you’ll confront monsters famous as “Mutants” that have aloft ability than typical monsters. You can use a spirits of these monsters to emanate a special form of Sealbook called a “Grand Sealbook.”

However, given Grand Sealbooks are intensely powerful, usually a Libra might supply it.

Grand Sealbooks also have several effects, and besides battles can be useful for other things such as scrutiny to assistance a celebration in each way.

■ Monster Summoning

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

This is one of a new elements not in Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library The Monster Seal.

By equipping a Grand Sealbook, we can serve a Mutant beast hermetic within a book as a “Summons Monster” to attend in battle. Just like Mercenary Buddies, there are several forms of Summons Monsters.

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

Also only like Mercenary Buddies, we don’t need to away mention actions with commands. Summons Monsters will automatically use skills to conflict enemies and support a player.

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

Different from Mercenary Buddies, however, Summons Monsters are influenced by a turn and strength of your celebration members, as their turn and ability will also change. Additionally, Summons Monsters do not leave a party.

Dungeon Travelers 2-2: The Maiden Who Fell into Darkness and a Book of Beginnings is due out for PS Vita in Japan on Apr 20.

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