Dungeon Travelers 2-2 sum category changes, bottom area

■ Class Change

1. Class Change

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

Each impression has a certain category (job type), and they can category change into a some-more modernized category once they transcend a certain level.

By category changing to an modernized class, a impression will be means to learn new skills and magic. Personality also changes depending on a altered class. By making use of a category change system, we will be means to mount opposite enemies we couldn’t face before.

2. Class Change Example: Alisia Heart

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

In a fighter’s case, changing into a paladin category turns her into a invulnerability ability specialist, that allows her to strengthen her allies. On a other hand, changing into a berserker category turns her into an conflict ability specialist. It is critical to cruise a combination of your celebration members as we perform category changes.

■ Base

House of Time

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

Standing peacefully on a lake is a time building famous as a “House of Time.” Siena and Ruco live together here, and it is with them we will start exploring.

The series of comforts we can use will boost depending on your progress. Be certain to use them to your advantage.

—House of Time

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

The bottom for your adventure. You can do several things here, including conduct celebration composition, change classes, and deposition items.

—Rinrin Temple

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

A store run by a automata Rinrin. Here we can squeeze unstable dishes and medicines, sell nonessential items, get non-appraised apparatus and apparatus appraised, and more.

—Seal Control Room

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

Here we can emanate a “Sealbook” regulating a spirits of degraded monsters.

World Map (Outskirts of Romulea)

Dungeon Travelers 2-2

Moving from a bottom map to a universe map (you can do this with a L and R buttons) will uncover we a places that we are means to explore, so name a place we wish to go and start cave crawling.

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