Dragon Quest XI scans uncover Ishi Village, battles, more

Dragon Quest XI Dragon Quest XI

The latest emanate of Weekly Jump has a two-page underline on Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time.

Most of a information in a repository are sum we already listened during Jump Festa 2017, yet here are a new bits:

  • The protagonist has a strangely made blotch on his left hand. Something happens when it glows.
  • Emma (first page, bottom left) is a tighten crony of a protagonist who says she’ll bear a protocol to stand “God’s Rock” with him. The repository asks, “What is it that they see there?”
  • The Great Tree of Life (second page, tip left) floats in a core of a world. It is pronounced a favourite can kibbutz with a essence of a Great Tree.
  • The repository has a series of PlayStation 4 vs. 3DS comparison screenshots, including of a protagonist’s home encampment of Ishi in a center of a second page. It’s a small and still encampment located in a valley.
  • There’s a demeanour during a conflict complement on a reduce right of a second page. The PlayStation 4 chronicle sees both a celebration and a series’ informed monsters entirely realized. The 3DS chronicle shows both a celebration and monsters in 3D mode, and only a monsters in 2D mode.

If we missed it, locate a latest information, opening movie, Camus impression introduction, and PlayStation 4 and 3DS gameplay videos here.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is due out for PlayStation 4 and 3DS in 2017. A Switch chronicle is also in development, yet a recover window and graphical character have not been announced.

Thanks, @YonkouProd (2).

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