Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS launch trailer

Embark on an epic tour to save your aristocrat and nation and lift a shade of a immorality jester’s spell in emDragon Quest VIII: Journey of a Cursed King.

The story starts when a jester, Dhoulmagus, comes to Castle Trodain and steals a King’s sceptre. He afterwards uses a energy to spin his sovereignty into a troll, a Princess into a horse, and a palace inhabitants into plants. The usually one left protection from this conflict is a palace ensure who transient a abuse and contingency now step adult to save a dominion he’s sworn to protect.

Only by travelling a lands, recruiting allies, and following a route of drop that Dhoulmagus leaves in his arise will The Hero be means to collect a sovereignty in sequence to revive Trodain behind to a former glory.

Whether you’re informed with a abounding story of emDragon Quest VIII: Journey of a Cursed King or diving in for a initial time, we can suffer full voice-acting in all plot-important cut-scenes, and new story calm that will yield some-more backstory about The Hero and a mean Dhoulmagus. There are also additional quests to finish and dungeons to explore, and even a new choice ending.

Adventurers in a precipitate no longer need to rush to a Church to save their swell interjection to a new Quick-Save function, permitting them to save and exit a diversion during any time. And for warriors in a hurry, battling foes is also most faster with a introduction of a “Speed Up” feature, permitting heroes to cut their approach by any confront with most larger haste.

Want to constraint a souvenir of your quest? At any time outward of battles and cut-scenes, we can postponement a movement and take a print of your journey so far. These photos can be customized in a accumulation of opposite ways, including permitting The Hero and his companions to perform special poses, adding stickers, filters, or putting a support around a picture to supplement a personal hold to your memory. Once we accommodate Cameron Obscura in Port Prospect you’ll also be means to clear Cameron’s Codex, where you’ll acquire rewards for holding cinema of certain subjects, monsters, and situations.

All of these images can be saved to your Nintendo 3DS family system’s SD label and common to other players around StreetPass. Once these photos have been shared, other players can give them a thumbs-up, and a some-more of these a picture earns, a aloft a possibility of receiving a new item.

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